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Sharest - Lataa Sharest, versio 4.1.0

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Sharest is a fast, all-embracing p2p tool, designed for easy and secure downloading. It has great connecting capabilities and a high overall performance. The program helps you find and grab the movies, songs, games or other types of files, from the p2p networks with great accuracy and lets you to specify fields for title, artist, album, track number, genre, year, length and bitrate.

The client uses the multi-platform Gnutella p2p protocol, which for you equals to automatic connection to a very large number of other users, thus, to more chances of finding the files you want.

Charest's interface offers two search bars and two sidebars perfectly integrated in a well organized layout. There is the uppermost search bar which represents actually the global search. Its function is to scan what p2p users are trading over the Gnutella network. The purpose of the second search bar (placed on the right) is to search your library. The sidebars are displayed on the left - the external one includes three options: your library, the global P2P network, and your friends.

A complete set of useful features like auto-connect, multiple search, groups, library management, browse host, upload throttling, connection quality control, and sophisticated filtering makes this client the perfect downloading tool for inexperienced as well as advanced users.

When clicking My Library, you will have instant access to your collection of music, films, and documents. That is another good feature of Sharest - its very easy-to-work with structure - neat, logical, straightforward.
If you use DC clients (direct connect protocol) habitually you will like working with Sharest - if previously it wasn't possible to have consecutive searches, one after another within a very short time now you can easily do That!



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